Mobile Detective® is a mobile device application that allows law enforcement officers to run NCIC and state criminal database queries without needing to contact dispatch.

Run a search using

  • Driver’s license number
  • Plate number
  • Person’s last name, first name, and date of birth
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Other information available in the NCIC and/or state database

Look up information such as

  • People
  • Warrants
  • Firearms
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Stolen property
  • LoJack® traces
  • and more

How It Works

Quickly lookup any info that Mobile Detective® accepts

Query a wide variety of categories

Search for specific details

Easy to read results with large photo


Mobile Detective® offers more benefits to law enforcement than other solutions

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Run queries anytime, anywhere

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Query a wide variety of categories

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Decreased workload on dispatchers

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Receive rapid responses

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No need to return to a squad car MDT

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Perfect for undercover law enforcement


Developed with security in mind for your peace of mind.

  • Developed according to CJIS standards
  • Multi-factor authentication including 2048 bit RSA public/ private keypairs
  • No pre-shared information

Iberon® Is A Strategic Partner of Nlets


Nlets provides a premiere interstate justice and public safety network for law enforcement. Access every state, local, and federal law enforcement, justice and public safety agency.

Success Stories

“It’s awesome. Thank you!”


“NCITE was used by detectives to identify a subject who was wanted and using an alias belonging to his brother.  The ability to run the person and receive a driver license picture return while in the field and with the subject detained was instrumental in confirming that the person was wanted for felony aggravated sexual assault and had been for years.

NCITE was used by detectives to run license plates and VINS at a suspected “chop shop” the convenience and mobility of using the scanner feature as well as running multiple license plates quickly allowed for detectives to locate several stolen vehicle parts that were recovered.

NCITE was used on numerous occasions to identify persons involved in the trafficking of narcotics.  The ability to access to driver license pictures and the feature in which NCITE has allowed the hyperlink of the persons address has allowed detectives to quickly arrive at addresses using the mapping feature before drug traffickers and set up surveillance so detectives can quickly arrive at the traffickers address from the surveillance operation.

Ability to confirm that the person who detectives are negotiating with is the person who is soliciting the purchase of narcotics so that detectives can strategize the next move on the investigation based on the identity of the person.

Detectives were negotiating with narcotics trafficker who arrived in a vehicle belonged to third party.  Detectives ran the license plate on the unknown vehicle, found the registered owner and then ran a driver license/wants warrant check of the wanted check on third party and discovered he was sitting at a table next to the Undercover officer and his partner trafficker.  This allowed detectives to identify a possible officer safety concern and hazard.”


“When we use our Department’s computers to check a suspect we get no photos. With NCITE we get a picture when we check a state ID. Very helpful when working interdiction. We need to see a photo now, not when our intel people get it later.”


“This application helped us detect 7 stolen cars in the Port of Houston bound for Nigeria. We were able to query the vehicles on the spot, from inside the shipping containers. Customs was able to seize all of the stolen vehicles!”

Houston Police Department Auto Theft

“I have used the system while conducting interviews as well as during mobile surveillance to identify suspects, suspect vehicles and registered owners numerous times . This quick access to information has saved me valuable time and resources, and has assisted with the furtherance of many of my cases. I believe having this resource available to agents in the field is invaluable.”

US Department of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms, and Explosives

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